Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Invitation!

Okay - I got some help and figured out why my invitation looked so x-rayish. Here is what it really looks like. (Obviously cut in half)

Canon is getting baptized this Saturday and we are all really excited. I made invitations for family and friends but apparently, I can't seem to get it to publish on this post correctly. For those of you out of town that received them, please don't think we actually expected you to attend. Just wanted to send a little announcement. I think he is pretty excited but hasn't asked a lot of questions. We are so grateful that he made this decision on his own and feels ownership for his decision. He is such a good boy and we are extremely grateful he is ours.

This card is actually supposed to have a black border, the door is brown not blue, he is wearing blue jeans not orange, a black shirt not ugly and I am sorry you can't read it. If I can figure out how to get it to display correctly, I will fix it. I think it turned out so good (thanks for your help Roger).

The Silverwolves!

Canon just started his soccer season and had his first game this last Saturday. He played so much better than last year and really enjoys the kids on his team. There are only 8 kids on each team and 6 play at a time so he has to run much more than last year. He is doing great considering he tires easily. I am really excited to see how good he gets over the years. Having boys is so much fun.

The Mighty Mudcats

Blaze started his tee-ball season this last week. He has had 3 games so far and is playing really well. He is pretty excited to play but would love to play without the tee. I told him he has to wait one more year before he can hit without the tee. Next year he wears the most adorable miniature sized baseball uniforms - can't wait for those pictures. Here are a couple of pictures in his latest uniform and up to bat. He hit very well yesterday - smacking the ball past 2nd base. The coach on the other team made sure he got to run to second because his hit was so great. We are so proud of our little athlete.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm A Little Teacup...

My best friend took these pictures of Tink while babysitting her the other day and I think they are adorable. Hopefully she doesn't mind me sharing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Have Been Tagged - Finally! :)


10 Years ago:
Married 3 years with no kids.
Just bought our first house.
Started a new job, which I am currently still working at.

5 things on my to-do list today:
Work from home.
Do laundry, putting it away sucks!
Play with my new puppy.
Watch Biggest Loser finale! Can't wait!
Balance checkbook and pay mid-month bills. UGH!

Snacks I enjoy:
Double Stuff Oreos, Butterfinger, Mountain Dew and Salt & Vinegar chips

If I were suddenly a billionaire:
Build my dream home, travel to every tropical paradise with my husband, pay off my family's debts and share the wealth, adopt a little girl, buy a new Denali and Corvette. How much more do you want to know?

3 bad habits:
I peel off my nail polish.
Reading celebrity magazines.
Using too much hairspray.

5 places I have lived:
Sandy, Utah
Cedar City, Utah
Provo, Utah
Riverton, Utah
Herriman, Utah

5 jobs I have had:
Discovery Zone
Southern Utah University Athletic Trainer
Quality Concrete
Axiom Design

5 things people don't know about me:
I am ambidextrous.
I cry in almost every movie.
I have a hard time asking for a baby-sitter.
I want to sell everything and move to Kauai.
I love sun-bathing.

I now tag Heidi Lewis!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The New Addition To Our Family!

Well - I finally got a little GIRL! I have been on a cloud since Saturday! Let me tell you why!

The boys had a super long birthday party on Saturday in Orem, Darren was aerating all day in Orem. I thought I would be able to take advantage of the time alone and actually get things done but of course, that did not happen. I ended up meeting Darren for lunch which turned into an outing of looking at 4-wheelers, scooters and then motorcycles. Please don't ask me why! Next thing you know - we pull up to a little pet store (the same one where we got Zona 12 years ago). I looked at him completely puzzled but figure we are just getting crickets for our dragons. Within minutes, I am holding the most adorable 6-week old puppy. Darren right then and there says "get her". I am like "WHAT?? Are you kidding?" We are having a baby of our own in 6 weeks. He didn't care - surprised? He was ready to drop the money and walk out but not me. I left the store, called tons of family members, my best friend and then questioned every reason why or why not to do this. Even my vacations came to mind - but considering we are house-ridden for a year or so, there aren't any vacations (besides THE DREAM ONE!) in store.

After driving around for 3 hours and after being told that this is probably the best timing for the boys considering I will have my hands full with the new baby - I went back. I adopted the cutest little Micro Teacup Poodle. Her name is Tinkerbell but we call her Tink! She is the smallest, sweetest, cutest thing I could ever love. I have had no sleep in 2 days but have been on such a cloud - I don't even care. She is my little purse dog and I am so happy. My husband has been spoiling me lately, for reasons I am unsure, but he can't top this. She is so precious! The boys are ecstatic. Canon told us it was one of his best days - to be surprised with a "puppy that stays a puppy forever" (his words). Anyway - I can't say enough. These pictures are horrible but I took them late last night for you all to see. Just wait until the real photoshoot.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Without Training Wheels - Or Training!

So - Today was the first nice day for the boys to play outside this entire year. It's always been too cold or too wet. Because it was so nice, and I don't usually go outside, I sent the boys out to ride their bikes. I decided to take Blaze's training wheels off to see if he could try it a couple of times, or wait until his dad got home to help. So - I take the wheels off and he jumps on and takes off. WITHOUT HELP! No training, no chasing him down the street, no crashing, nothing! I couldn't believe it. It was like nothing - he mastered it. I was so proud...AND....grateful that I didn't have to run. He is so fearless - maybe I should be worried.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Canon's Family Birthday Party!

Canon just turned 8 years old on April 5th. We had my family over to celebrate his birthday, as well as my sisters' birthday. We played a really fun "how well do you know this person" game then opened presents. Canon had a great birthday this year and received everything he had asked for - he must be a pretty good kid. He chose "puppies" for his party decorations this year and had an ice cream cake, since he doesn't eat regular cake. He is such a fun kid and is really appreciative of what he gets. He keeps telling me, even days later, how great it was to get everything he did.

Happy Birthday Canon! We love you!!!!

Dinosaur Museum!

For Canon's 8th birthday this year - he chose to go to the Dinosaur Museum. The kids have been several times but this was my first time. I have to say that it was pretty awesome. I thought it would be small and boring but it was huge and had a lot of hands on things for kids to do.

After the museum, Canon chose to go to Olive Garden. We walked in and saw that my sisters, my mom, and three cousins were waiting for a table as well. Canon was excited to join them although it took us forever to get a table for 11. After dinner we went to Cold Stone and got ice cream. Yum! After dessert - we let Canon open his presents, since it was his actual birthday, before going to bed. He got a couple games, movies, and a Nintendo DS game. That night - he requested that we have a sleepover in the basement. We made beds out of blankets for the boys and Darren and I each took a couch. Within minutes of them falling asleep, I was back to my bed and Darren had snuck into the guest bed. We woke up early so they would never know that we didn't really sleep downstairs with them. Who do kids sleep on the hard floor all night anyway?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Interior Decorator For Hire!

I am not sure if this will work but I thought I would try. This is a little prank that Darren pulled on his football coaching buddy at Timpanogos High School. Frank was away at National Guard duty for 2 weeks so Darren got some friends of his to help him "redecorate" his office. It is hot pink and smothered with Disney princesses. Check out the link:


Okay - I just realized that it doesn't work by clicking on it so try to copy and paste the link to check it out! Sorry about the technical difficulties!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Totally Shocked!

So - Yesterday was my 10th Anniversary at Axiom Design. Can you believe that I have worked at the same jpb for 10 years? It really is crazy to think it is possible although I know that most people do it. In comparison - there has only been one other person last that long at my work. This day was obviously a big day for me personally but quite busy as well. I couldn't believe how fast the day went and how much was accomplished.

At the very last minute - just after telling Darren that my work had forgotten that it was my anniversary - I was called into my boss's office. Now - I really shouldn't have expected that anyone would remember or that it should have been made a big deal - but you have to know me and know that I love providing gifts and treats for every occasion at work. And since I can't give gifts to myself - I didn't think I would get one. Well - get this. I am asked to sit down, which made me a bit nervous - but was then handed this gigantic board with the words "The Dream Vacation of Your Choice" written on it. I stared at it for awhile not sure what to think. I am then told that several locations for my 'dream vacation" had been researched for me and Darren and that I was just given an all expenses paid vacation for 2 - on Axiom. Isn't that just amazing? I was so shocked and still am that I just can't tell you how I feel or what this means to me. They couldn't have given me a better gift. If you have seen my house and know how I decorate - everything is tropical, Hawaiian, surfing or something to do with the beach.

I am so so thankful to have such a great place to work for and that the reward for doing so is so great. This just makes it worth it all. I do have to tell you what Blaze said about it. Of course I came home all excited to share and the first thing Blaze said was "I hate that present - that is a horrible present - you are not going on vacation without me, I won't let you". Of course I told him "too bad" but that didn't stop the tears and anger I had to deal with over the next five minutes. Even this morning he reminded me that I was never going to go on that dream vacation. Too funny!

Here is the magnificent gift on display for you to all be jealous about!

Of course my sweet husband also had a gift at home for me as well - 24 beautiful pink roses! What a sweetheart!