Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beware of the Booger Sucker!

Okay - if you are a mom, you will find this funny. If you are not - you might find this gross. Unfortunately for me - I was attacked by the booger sucker.

You all know what the booger sucker looks like right?

This crazy looking blue ball that each of us steal from the hospital only to find out later that it actually cost us $150 because the hospital billed us for it. Anyway - Pierson was diagnosed with whopping cough last week so I have spent this last week administering medicine and sucking snot out of his poor little nostrils. Well - the whole family just happened to be sitting around the baby earlier this evening when I decided to suck some boogers hoping to free his airways. Even Uncle Dan joined us by cell phone (Darren is glued to his phone with either Dan or Don on the other end).

Anyway - I am showing Blaze how the booger sucker works because it was visible that little Pierce needed help breathing so I begin sucking one out (this just means that I squeezed the blue ball, stuck it up his nose and then let go making the suction pull the booger out - for those of you who have never used one). I then go to squeeze the booger out onto a kleenex but every time I squeeze - I just hear it but can't see it. This is were the attack happens. The idiot in me - turns the blue ball around to look at why it's not coming out but at the same time squeezes the ball forcing the booger out - AND SHOOTING MYSELF IN THE NECK WITH IT! Gross - the kids were horrified to see baby snot on my neck, meanwhile Darren is laughing and didn't hesitate one second to tell Dan who is still on the phone. I am sure I am not the first to be attacked by boogers but I can promise that this will be the last time I look down the barrel of a booger sucker!

Yellowstone - Boys Only!

Darren had a couple days off from school and work this last week and decided to take the boys to Yellowstone - another BOYS ONLY adventure! They fed the bears, saw moose and buffalo and went on a 4-hour hike. They had a ton of fun staying in a huge cabin outside the park with another family. I on the other hand - enjoyed a quiet week ALONE with my baby!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Week 5!

Just thought I would post a couple of updated photos of our little baby! He has blue eyes - surprised? He is now 6 lbs 12 ounces, one day he might reach 7 pounds.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

An Expensive Lesson on Bribery!

I just wanted to let you all know that Darren learned an important lesson on bribery this weekend. Here is why:

Last soccer season, Canon wasn't very aggressive , kind of ran behind the pack, and got "tired" a lot. This was quite frustrating for us to see as you can imagine. So... this year, as an incentive to get Canon to play better, harder, whatever...Darren promised to take him to Disneyland if he scored 5 goals. He only had 7 games to accomplish this goal. After the fourth game and no goals, Darren felt pretty safe that he wouldn't have to worry about Disneyland. Then during the 5th game (the day after his brother was born) he told his grandparents that he hoped to score 3 goals during the game. That is just what he did. He scored 3 goals in one game making his goal closer than we anticipated. He had his 6th game yesterday and because his grandma came to the game - he scored the last two. The 5th and most exciting goal happened with only 30 seconds left in the game. The whole sidelines overheard us talking about this last important goal to score so when he did it - the sidelines roared with cheers. He was so so excited - he wanted to smile and cry but said he would be too embarrassed.

So - it looks like Darren and Canon will be planning a father/son trip in the near future. After Canon scored the 5th goal - I began to realize that this just isn't an "ice cream cone", or a special "toy" or a fun night out... this is DISNEYLAND and that is expensive. This "BRIBE" is going to cost me $1000.

Lesson to all of you - be careful what you bribe your kids with.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Classic Blaze!

So - we are sitting on the deck this evening and Darren is doing his usual - telling Canon to get him this, get him that, go get me this.....After me telling Darren to give Canon a break, he turns to Blaze and asks him to go in the garage, open the truck, bring him something from the front seat, etc.. I look at Darren and tell him to stop - I then say "Blaze is 4, he shouldn't be doing those things for you, yet.." Blaze looks right at Darren with his usual smirk and attitude says "Kids don't work!" He then walks away....

Too funny!

Pierson - Week Two!

Update on little Pierson!
Week Two: 5 lbs 9 ounces, 18.5 inches, healthy!!!

We pulled out infant pictures of both Canon and Blaze and we definitely think he is a clone of Blaze. They are identical - and if you remember, Blaze ballooned 3 times his size within months. Going from preemie to 100% in his weight division in a matter of weeks. Hopefully Pierson gains weight as well as Blaze did.