Monday, October 19, 2009

Again from Blaze....

So - we went to Vegas for the week with the kids (which I will have to upload pictures and blog about later) and this is the first thing Blaze says as we pull in and begin our drive down the strip.

He sees this billboard as big as can be and says....

"Mom, their belly buttons are really high up, they look like they are in the wrong place"

We start to laugh realizing that if their pants were pulled up where they are supposed to be - the belly buttons would appear in the right place. He has never seen pants pulled down so low although he didn't attribute that to the reason of the belly button placement - it was so funny. We started saying it was probably a freak show you could go to see men with odd-placed belly buttons. He bought it!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Typical Blaze!

Sorry no pictures - just another something brilliant out of the mouth of Blaze.

So we have had issues with our yapping dog lately since the shock collar has been out of batteries. We have tried every shock collar they make and the only one that has seemed to work is the remote control kind. Well - it's tough to remember to latch it to your pants and wear it all day long so training isn't going too smoothly. We have tried timeouts where we lock her in the laundry room, we have thrown her outside, we even spank her - she just feels that barking at anything that breaths - including us - is most important.

It was the other night that I had had enough. The boys are sitting at the bar and I give them two options: either we take Tink's voice box out or we put her up for adoption.

Blaze misunderstands the "take the voice box out" for kill her and this is what he says....

"Kill her or give her away?, I say kill her". It was the funniest moment. Canon bursts into tears, Darren and I burst out laughing. He was just so nonchalant about it, not thinking his comment was off at all. This kid is just too funny. I could probably write something each day that he says that is just so cute and so funny. If only I could record these moments.