Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blaze's First Thanksgiving Program

I was lucky enough to attend Blaze's first Thanksgiving preschool program yesterday - yeah! Let me just say that I am glad the other kids new the words to the songs because it didn't look like Blaze did. Thank goodness he didn't have a solo.

I think I confused him by taking video from a digital camera because in one of the videos - he keeps his cheesy smile from beginning to end. Too funny!

Apparently he only knows the words "Gobble Gobble" in this one! Not a performer I guess!

Not much to say about this one - looks like Blaze didn't have much to say either. Like I said - it's good that the others knew the words.

His preschool is quite small as you can see but his teacher is amazing and does such neat lessons and activities. I have to volunteer once a month so I get to see what she goes through everyday. I could never do it!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Proud Moment!

Reflections...If you don't know what that is - it's a visual arts contest that children compete in throughout the state that begins in their school. Canon wanted to enter in one of the 8 categories and without my help - he chose photography.

The theme for the year was "WOW". We thought of all the things that would create the "wow" factor but it wasn't until I was pooper-scoopin' the background that we got our idea. No - not the poop. I noticed a pregnant praying mantis on a bush in our yard and ran to get Canon. I told him that this would be a great entry but he was a little hesitant at first... couldn't see the picture without taking the picture I guess.

I ran to get my most wonderful camera, set it to the right settings and then let him take over. He had to take quite a few to get the right ones but obviously it worked. Out of 92 kids that entered in his category - his entry was chosen to go onto Region. If he wins Region - he moves on to State.

We were not expecting this at all. In fact, I misunderstood what the evening was about. I thought that they were just displaying all of the entries for parents and students to see before going on to be judged. We walk in to see chairs lined up and an awards ceremony about to begin. Thank goodness I had my camera.

They explained the contest and then proceeded to name the winners in each category explaining also that the competition didn't stop there. When they got to photography - I was not expecting to hear Canon's name. If you know me well enough - you will know just what I did when they called his name. Yep - I began to cry. I was so proud and excited for him that I started to cry - not uncontrollably but enough that it was obvious I was thrilled with my little boys' accomplishment. He was so shocked as well. His face went flush and red and he immediately got nervous. He rushed up to get his medal and ribbon and rushed back to my side all while the crowd was clapping for him.

This is the medal and ribbon he received along with a picture of him holding the piece he put together.

They instructed us NOT to take our entry home so I took a few pictures to document the event. I will let you know if he goes on to State but I just thought I would vocalize how proud I am of his little award. It's so fun to be a part of something like this with your own kids. I love it!

Here are the pictures he took. He then mounted the three pictures to a black board so that it all looked nice. I don't have a great picture of that but you can kind of see from the picture above how it was laid out.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

When do bad guys come out.....

Lately Blaze has been asking some interesting questions. His most recent and frequent question is "when do the bad guys come out" and "where do they live?" So - I answer "at night" and "west valley". Then I have to explain where that is, what they do and that they DO NOT live in Herriman and that we are pretty safe.

This conversation then lead to this...

Blaze: "Why did Jesus make bad guys"
Me: "He didn't honey, he made them all good but when they came to earth, they chose to be bad by listening to the devil"
Blaze: "How do they hear what the devil is saying"
Me: "He whispers into their thoughts what bad things he wants them to do and they do it"

and this is the best part....

Blaze: "The devil wants me to be bad right now but I am not going to listen"

I love this kid!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Super Heroes!

As you will see - we went with the Super Hero theme this year. Darren was Batman, I was Wonder Woman, Canon was Superman, Blaze was Incredible Hulk and Pierson was Superbaby! We started the day with Canon's school parade and class party. Yes - I walked in the parade with Canon yet again and YES - I was the ONLY parent to do so. I just can't tell him "no" but each year I say it will be the last.

Later that evening, we went trick or treating with our friends, went through a haunted yard and took "prom" pictures in our costumes. Darren stayed home and handed out full size candy bars - can you believe it? I told him he was crazy. He had passed out all 100 bars within an hour!

After trick or treating - we surprised our friends by driving to Pleasant Grove to their annual Halloween party. After 10 years of invites, we finally made a showing. It was a long day and a late night but we had so much fun. Halloween is the best. We have already discussed what we are going to be next year. Any ideas? Please help get me out of going as the SpongeBob gang.