Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Can't Help But Laugh!

Sorry if this offends anyone's nature!

So - Tink has been expressing her instinctual "needs" at this time of year (if you know what I mean) with her pink pillow. It's a daily occurrence that happens throughout the entire day. It usually only lasts about 10 days but she can't seem to get enough.

What is funny about this is to hear the boys come up with some explanation as to why she is doing this. I am busting up inside. We haven't discussed why she does that for good reason but we have been saying lately that she must have an itch on her belly that she can't seem to get.

Why I decided to write this is because this morning Blaze comes running in to tell me that Tink was doing it again and hitting her head against the door in the process. Not only did he tell me about it, he SHOWED me what she was doing.

Sorry if that is awful but it caught me as funny first thing this morning. Nothing is too much for Blaze I have decided!

BEWARE!!! Graphic photos below!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Boys!

This was us Sunday afternoon....

Canon is sleep deprived and very emotional as you can see in his pictures. His dad continues to smother them and forces family snuggle/nap time on them. I made sure we were watching Planet Earth while dad napped so it wasn't forced upon them.

Pierson is a hefty eater and is always begging for food. Apparently he didn't like the feel of something on his tongue as I captured one of his pictures.

Blaze just loves attention and continually asks me which of my boys is my favorite expecting him as the answer.

The joys of boys!

Not A Good Month!

As you can tell I haven't posted for awhile. And mainly for good reason. I have had nothing but bad things to say or complain about and thought it wouldn't be good but I am thinking what the heck - at least you will know that we are still alive. Here is what has gone down in just one little month!
* Blaze has had an earache and hasn't liked it one bit
* Tink cost us $200 in vet fees and turned out to be fine the following day - she was dropped by a neighbor and hurt her ribs, shoulders, arms, etc. Pain meds made her a new dog!
* Darren leaves at 6:00 am and doesn't come home until after midnight, sometimes even 2:30 in the morning. He has been painting a 7,000 sq. foot home one his own with a little help from Josh and Cougar. This doesn't help with Canon's situation!
* Pierson has RSV and an earache and doesn't like getting his treatments. Screaming and sweating for 8 minutes every 4-6 hours is NOT fun for me either.
* Our car needed a new radiator and cost us $500. Where do we get that?
* Canon makes him so sick with anxiety that he throws up at least 5 out of the 7 days in a week. He sleeps on our floor almost every night. We are enjoying that.....NOT!
* Aerating season has started and Darren is gone every Saturday ALL day and then crashes the following day.
* My dad is sick sick sick and I hate not being able to do anything. We haven't been able to see him much because the kids have been so sick and contagious.
* My mom has a lot on her plate and I can't be there for her and it kills me.
* I had to take Pierson to work with me three weeks in a row. Thank goodness I have Ranie now.
* Canon's birthday is coming up and we are NOT ready for the biggest party of his life... as he puts it.
* I got a speeding ticket ON AN ON RAMP!!! My second one by the same cop in the same place!

This is just to name a few things that have kept us occupied. I did take a few pictures over the weekend and will post those shortly. Let's just hope April turns out better....

Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Little Walt Disney!

So Canon's 3rd class had to choose a famous person to do an oral report on and part of the project was to dress up like him. Naturally Canon chose Walt Disney. He LOVED learning all about him and his movies. You could ask him any question and he could tell you. It was interesting learning about him. He wanted to make money on his movies just so he could make the next movie.

Anyway - Canon did a great job although I forgot to record it. I think once you worry about bringing the 5 year old, the baby, the stroller, the diaper bag, etc you tend to forget the video camera. I was so proud of him - he was confident, looked up several times and spoke clearly. Here is the cute little boy "being" Walt Disney.

First Haircut!

Just so you know up front - the final product is not what I asked for.

Darren gave Pierson his first official haircut since birth. It was a kind of "here and there" hairdo so we decided to go for a cute, baby fauxhawk. Obviously Darren doesn't follow directions well because in the end, he ended up looking like him. Or maybe that was his secret intention. Who knows. All I know is he is a much cuter version of himself.