Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We Finally Made It To Mexico!

Can you believe it? A year and a half later and a new passport is what it took! We had an amazing time and there is lots to tell but I will keep it short.

Here is the pool that we lounged on most of the time - right smack in the middle of the pool. You never got hot because you were laying on the water - it was great!

There was lots to do. We swam, laid out, played Bingo, played shuffleboard and golf (I actually beat Darren once at each game), went on long walks through the jungle filled with wild animals (tried it at night - was the single most scariest experience of both of our lives), took cover from tropical storms, held a spider monkey, saw dolphins, sharks and a manatee, swam through an underground river made by the Mayan's, took tons of pictures of the Ruins, ate way too much food, saw lots of nightly shows and had the BEST time being with my BEST friend.

We stayed at a resort built around a Mayan village so everywhere you walked you would see these Mayan temples, alters, caves, homes, statues, everything... it was so cool. It even had an original stadium with pillars and everything where the Mayans would play fireball and some other game. We went to a "game" and watched the natives play in the stadium which was awesome. Basically they just built bleachers around it so that they could fit more spectators but it was all still in tact. Here are some of the photos we took of the Ruins near our resort and a few of the natives doing their traditional dances, chants and games.

After the picture above was taken - I went inside to take a look, only after waiting for a gigantic iguana to move out of my way, to be chased out of there by a massive bird. We both ran for our lives, and no - Darren didn't stop to save me.

Trying his best at modeling... not quite the photo shoot he probably imagined.

Part of the show... I feel bad because I don't have pictures of the heritage dances and such where they danced and sang, like the Mariachi band. I video clipped it all instead. There were about 12 different dances, all in different costumes, dancing to Mexican songs NONE of which we could understand but very beautiful.

What it looks like walking around the resort...

The golf course, well, sort of. It was more like miniature golf without all the lights, decor, traps, etc. A lot of betting happened on this green. Darren underestimated the putter in me!

Our beach front property...

The underground river. This is where we swam from the river down to the ocean in a underground cave they built to travel from the ocean to their village. It was very tight, sometimes extremely dark... only a few places opened up and you could see above - the trees and sunlight. It took 40 minutes to swim it and you could not imagine the hard work and years it must have taken. You couldn't escape because the walls of the openings where extremely tall. It was a little scary at times but very beautiful. In some openings they had alters were they gathered rain water and you could see how they tried to transport things. Too cool!

The largest greenhouse of rare and exotic flowers. This place was beautiful. I could have taken pictures of all of them but here are my favorites.

These are pictures of the wild animals I mentioned. They were free to roam around and half the time scared the crap out of us. They would just scurry across our path or fly near our heads or make interesting freaky noises. The iguanas were about the biggest things I had ever seen. They were everywhere and were huge. One time we took a narrow path to get back to our room and walked right into a tree with an iguana grasping onto it - right at eye level. So so scary - we both screamed and ran for our lives. The crab was so massive - we were just floating in the pool when Darren noticed the crab walking towards us. He got right in the pool within arms length from me. So scary again but cool to see one so big and up close. The macaws were everywhere too - mostly picking at each other but there were perches everywhere throughout the resort so you couldn't miss them. There were others animals too but more were too quick to take pictures of.

Funniest moment on the trip. The workers used these bikes that were used in the movie Nacho Libre - well Darren wanted to ride one so bad so he asked a couple of Mexicans if he could take it for a spin. I videotaped him coming around the corner yelling "NACHO" just like in the movie - it was so funny and everyone around was laughing but the best part was when the concierge caught him and came after him. Check out the video.

If you couldn't tell - we had the best time. Very relaxing, very beautiful, very humid - had never experienced that before.

Me and my best friend! Can't wait for the next trip!

My Bald Boys!

I fear we have a family trend... all my boys have shaved their heads. Yep - even Blaze. The mullet is officially gone. They had to do it without me around because I couldn't bear losing it. I think they are still so cute. Notice Canon's lump in the middle of his forehead? Smacked it on a bar on a sandrail while at the cabin. Just took a couple of pics of my boys on the paddle boat.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Captain Pierson!

Just wanted to share a few adorable pictures of Pierson "thinking" he was steering the boat on the lake in Arizona this past week. He is such a joy and such a cutie!

He isn't talking in English yet but he has his own language that I just love! He is close to running now - mostly away from me. He knows the word "NO" but refuses to listen to it. His latest thing is to pull you around the house by your finger NEVER letting go and pointing to things he wants. He eats pretty good but it is hard for me not to feed him junk since that is the only thing that comes in small chewable bites. He loves to be outside and will cry at the door like a dog to be let out. He knows the function of a remote and points it at the TV constantly.

He still takes 2 hour naps, just not when I need him or want him to. He is not too sure about swimming yet but loves the bath tub. He loves to read books and will tell me the story rather than listen to one. I think his absolutely most favorite thing to do is play with my cell phone. We are on cell phone number 3 right now. I have given him the ones he has broken but somehow he knows that it doesn't really work. He loves his brothers and loves to hear their voices. He chose his Dad over me when we returned from Mexico and I am not sure how to take that.

I just love love love him to death!