Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pierson - Week One!

Direct Quotes!

Okay - so I have a couple quotes that I had to share - one from each of my boys.

First - Canon is asked the other day by one of my girlfriends, jokingly, which does he like better "the puppy or the baby"? He answers quite honestly "I don't know". Puppies are more playful I am guessing.

Second - My best friend came to pick up the boys so I could have a little nap time with Pierson. While they were in the car together - she asked my boys if they were grateful for what I had given them (baby brother) and all that I have done and suggested that maybe I be more grateful and thankful. Canon replies that, yes, it is cool what mom did for me and that he is very grateful for his little brother. Blaze pauses a minute and then says "Do you know what is cool?" My friend is expecting something profound from this little four year old and hopes to hear how grateful he is as well. But no - he proceeds to say: "What's cool is taking off your training wheels and riding your bike down a hill". She laughs and says "oh- you are going to be one of those kind of guys"

It was too funny. Apparently Blaze is not that interested in his brother yet and doesn't think that having a baby is better than riding a bike without training wheels.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

HE"S HERE!!!!!!

Yeah! We had our Baby Boy!

Introducing Pierson Lawrence Don DeGracie!

Originally due June 10th, surprised us at 3:00 am on Friday, May 16th when he decided today was the day. Darren can attest that I was in such denial that this was happening. I literally pulled out the pregnancy book to look up "signs of labor" just to make sure. It took me less than 15 minutes to realize the pain was bad enough to be labor so we decided to go to the hospital. I had called my sister to come sleep with the boys and called my mom to let her know he was coming. She was shocked. On Wednesday, I was told that I had a good 2 weeks before we would see any action and I had prepared to "get ready" by then. I didn't have a bag packed, didn't have anything for the baby to come home in, etc... We just got in the car and sped 90 MPH to the hospital, NOT conveniently located 20 minutes away. By the time we got there - I was dialated to a 5 and was told I had about 5 hours to go. By 10:00 am, they said it would be soon and that they would like to try a "practice" push. It took one push for the nurse to realize he was already on his way out. Within minutes of rushing off to find the doctor and 3 pushes later - HE ARRIVED.

He was born at 10:30 am (exactly) on Friday, May 16th. Weighed 5lbs, 7 ounces and measured 17 inches long. He was quite small and 4 weeks early so he had a couple of troubles at the beginning but he has overcome them. He had fluid in his lungs and needed an xray but it turned out to be okay. He had low blood sugar, low temperature, low oxygen and several other small things normal to small, early babies. We didn't get to see him much on his first day due to precautions and testing but we were glad he was being taken care of. They put an IV in his poor little head to give him antibiotics and to feed him if needed but thankfully he didn't end up in the Newborn ICU which was the plan. Today he weighs 5 lbs, 3 ounces and prefers sleeping to eating. His pediatrician has labeled him "Happy To Starve", rather than "Lives To Eat" (like his dad). We have to wake him every 2 hours to eat, which kills me because he looks so peaceful. He is such a sweet little baby and rarely cries, just squacks.

Here are a couple of pictures of my sweet baby (professional photographer needed). There will be better ones to come as I realized, due to his low temperature, that he was covered up from head to toe so he is hard to see in some of these. We will strip him of his bedding so you can get a good look of this little guy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bragging One More Time!

Just had to let those who care know that Blaze received the "Golden Ball" today after his tee-ball game. This most prized golden ball goes to the best player of the day. A couple of the kids noticed that Blaze was doing really well today and exclaimed throughout the game that they thought Blaze would get the ball. Blaze wasn't expecting it and was so excited when the team voted for him to receive the "golden ball". He was so excited to let everyone know that he quickly called Grandma, Ranie and Jo to let them know of his accomplishment. And of course - I had to document it with pictures.

The Only Good Thing About Taking Kids To The Doctors

Okay - So I had another "baby" doctors appointment this morning and had to take Blaze with me. And I have to tell you that this time it was well worth taking a child, or my child for that matter. If you know Blaze - you know that he says whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Well - this time it actually helped my situation. You all know that when you have a doctors appointment scheduled at a certain time, they never call you back until you have put in at least 20 minutes in the waiting room. And then once you get to your room, you are expected to wait another 20 minutes for the doctor to walk in. Why they schedule appointments is beyond me - they should just tell you what day to show up and you can come at your convenience within that day.

Anyway - to my point.

After the long waiting room wait, we were asked to come back, did the usual "weigh in", "pee on a stick", "blood pressure" etc. Within 10 minutes of sitting in our room, with the door shut, Blaze decides it has been long enough. He gently opens the door but abruptly exclaims that his mother is falling asleep in here waiting for the doctor. After realizing that didn't get their attention - he then exclaims minutes later "how long do we have to wait in here?, we have been waiting long enough". Then shuts the door to see if he caught a reaction. Much to my surprise - within seconds the doctor walks in and Blaze immediately lets him know how long we have been waiting. The doctor apologizes and says he will do his best to hurry. Sadly for me, no questions were asked or answered as he did his measurements, listened to the heart and was quickly pushed out the door by my impatient son. Oh well - I will be back in a week I guess.

So - I just had to tell you that even though it is a pain to take children to the doctors with you - sometimes it can actually be beneficial.