Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby Photoshoot!

As we were leaving Arizona Sunday morning - we had another impromptu photoshoot of Pierson. I am so lucky that Dan is so good at taking pictures, good pictures... because I am certainly not there yet. Here they are...

Baby Pics!

Just some cute pictures of Pierson, his grandpa DeGracie and his cousin Jaden, taken by world renowned photographer....Dan DeGracie.

A Brothers Love!

Canon loves loves loves his baby brother. He always offers to hold him, read to him, carry him, feed him and even change his diapers. We are so lucky to have him. Thanks Canon - you are the best big brother.

Nap Time With Uncle Donny!

Here is Pierson snuggling with his Uncle Donny! I think this puts him in first place for favorite uncle.


My cousin gave us tickets to the corn maze down at Thanksgiving Point so we just had to check it out. It just happened to be the day that it started to snow so after an hour, I was froze. Unfortunately I made the boys cruise through everything but their dad took them back the following weekend so all is good. I took a couple of pictures while they raced around. Thanks Jason - we had a fun evening!

Lost in the corn maze! Didn't know which way to go!

Walking into the mouth of the dreaded dragon. Blaze didn't make it all the way through - the first sign of an exit and he was out of there! We attempted it a few more times but he still couldn't get to the tail!

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

How precious is this? Saturday morning tradition - love it!

Darren's 20 Year High School Reunion!

Darren and I flew to Arizona this past weekend to attend his 20 year high school reunion. I was nervous, he was excited. Can I just tell you how revealing this night was for me? Darren has told me 10 times over how many "girlfriends" he had from 8th grade on. What I didn't realize until Saturday night was that he was telling the truth. He IS the Mac Daddy. I probably had 18 girls approach me just dying to tell me that they had dated Darren, kissed Darren or had a crush on Darren. The other 100 were too afraid. I just had to get pictures. Every time another walked up to Darren all giddy, I stepped aside to take their picture! :) The best of the best.... two chicks walk in, ask Mysti where Darren is, they spot him across the room and bee line their way in his direction. All of sudden I turn around to hear high pitched screams and laughter and see my husband being malled by TWINS! Yes - two of them. They both attacked him and talked his ear off for 15 minutes. Apparently no one got the memo to "save" him. I mingled with friends I knew and met friends that he has talked so much about over the last 14 years. He has really great friends and they are so loyal - still best friends after all this time. I learned first hand that he had a stalker hiding in the women's bathroom - not wanting Darren to see her. There is so much more to that story so I will spare you.

Anyway - my husband is a stud! I was so proud to stand next to him and glad that I was the one to land him! Love you babe! Thanks for a fun weekend!

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Call us crazy but he actually celebrated Jackson's birthday! Jackson is an adorable monkey Blaze adopted from Build-A-Bear. He goes everywhere Blaze goes. One morning we were eating breakfast and Blaze declares that "Today is Jackson's Birthday". He is now 3 years old. I agreed to give him a small birthday party later that evening.

I know this looks crazy but it was so cute and Blaze has never been so happy. We bought balloons, made a cake and each of us picked out something special from All-A-Dollar. Pictures had to be taken to document this day. So - next time you see Blaze, please wish Jackson a Happy Birthday!

Long Time.....

I am sure you have noticed that it has been a full month since I have posted. I promise I have a good reason, somewhat. I received a new computer and it wasn't equipped with the program I usually use to upload photos. I just got the application and am ready to go!

A lot has happened in the last month so I hope to remember it all. I may just post pictures and explain what we were doing, out of order of course!

It begins with my boys!

This is Blaze wearing his cowboy hat which has become a permanent part of his wardrobe. What is even cuter is how he walks around tipping his hat all day saying "Howdy, ma'am". Too cute!

Canon received his Wolf award at his first Den meeting. He loves scouts and won't miss a single meeting. He has been to one scout camp so far and loved telling us of every adventure he went on.

Finally - Pierson laying around with Tink. We have to be careful where we put him because if a blanket is laid out on the floor - Tink assumes we placed it there for her. She certainly is the princess of the house.