Friday, September 26, 2008

Soccer Stud!

Blaze just started his soccer season and we were lucky enough to have Christian take pictures of him. There were so many good ones it was hard to narrow them down. Just wanted to share. He scored the first goal and was so excited.

We Miss You Daddy!

He's Rolling!

Despite the fact that his daddy is out of town - Pierson rolled over for the first time! He keeps doing it so I think he has it down! I was able to capture it but only on camera not video. Woops! Gotta keep the video camera handy now that he is doing tricks!

I just realized that I was so excited he rolled over that I didn't take pictures of his dismount - proving that he was on his back! I promise - he rolled over!

Crazy Blazey!

This pretty much sums up how crazy Blaze is!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Thanks Jaime!

3 joys:
* Vacationing with my husband
* Spoiling my children
* Dancing around the house with my boys while the music blares

3 fears:
* Losing my children and/or husband
* Not being able to take care of my family
* Not being a good mom and teacher to my kids

3 current obsessions:
* Holding my Baby
* Washing my kids feet
* Reading people's blogs

3 regrets:
* Not being there more for my kids due to work
* Not spending more quality time with my husband before kids
* Not visiting my grandmother more before she died

3 facts about me:
* I love pageants and I am not ashamed
* I love dressing up for Halloween with my kids (just wait for this year's pics)
* I am obsessed with tropical decor

I now tag April/Josh, Ranie/Colin and Diana

Bless His Heart

Well - I have to tell you about my Sunday. This is too funny not to tell although I might be completely embarrassed.

So Sunday morning I leave the boys with Darren to "get ready" for church. After a half hour, I present myself exclaiming that I AM NOT GOING TO CHURCH TODAY. Darren asks why and I burst out that I have nothing to wear and that nothing fits. I have about 20 pounds still to lose from the baby and unfortunately nothing zips, buttons, or rests nicely on my waist. Therefore - I am not leaving the house.

I decide then to help the boys get ready. Blaze is trying my patience of course so I mention kindly to him to "Please listen to mommy, I am on the verge of tears". Canon walks towards me and with a slighting demeaning voice asks "Why? Because of that?" AS HE IS PUSHES THE "EXTRA" STUFFING I HAVE IN THE MIDDLE. UGH!! Hello? If my son notices, then it's bad. He then asks me why I don't work out to get rid of it and I immediately begin to list the items on our daily calendar: scouts, soccer practice, soccer games, work, preschool, homework, preparing meals, grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning, bathing the dog, taking out the garbage, etc. etc. etc.

He looks at me. "Well, I guess you are just gonna have to look like that then". Gee thanks!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mountain Men!

My boys LOVE the mountains. We recently spent a Sunday afternoon in the canyons with the boys after many weeks of begging. It was such a beautiful day we couldn't resist. Darren and Blaze brought their "guns" of course, thinking they would encounter wild beasts of some kind. Fortunately we didn't see any animals. I took a couple of pictures and then let Canon have a try with the camera - not so good. We are headless. I will spare you the headless ones.

I mentioned GUNS right?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rub A Dub Dub, Three Boys In A Tub....

What do you think they could be?

New Pictures!

I was given the rare opportunity by my boys to let me take their picture. Darren wasn't around to help so it was a bit hurried and uncomfortable but I was able to snap a few. Pierson didn't last as long as his brothers so these are the only ones that are worth viewing.

Anyone Want Blaze?

Well - I have to tell you what a horrible mother I was last Friday. My son Blaze has an amazing need to PLAY. If told no - he reacts in very unsettling ways. Here is what happened:

On Friday, my two sons were playing with the neighbor kids (realize that Canon and Blaze do not play well together when other kids are involved). Blaze isn't allowed the "weapon" of his choice because of his brother Canon, who is passing out the desired weaponry. Canon runs home at the first sign of tears so he can get his side of the story in. He explains his side as Blaze walks in crying as if he were critically injured. I turn to hear Blaze's side and realize that these kids need a "Break" from playing. I inform them both that they can't play for at least 20 minutes, until they calm down and until Canon can take care of his brother not the neighbors. This information throws Blaze into a personal tornado. He cannot fathom a day without playing and if I am the one to take it away - I am the most hated.

He immediately changes his crying into screaming that he doesn't care what weapon he has, he just wants to play. Well, me being even more stubborn than him, I stick to my "time out" and try to enforce it. Eventually I am running around couches, through the jack-n-jill bathroom, sneaking the other direction to catch him, chase him out the door and begin yelling in front of the neighbors to "GET BACK HERE - DON'T YOU EVER RUN AWAY FROM ME". Nice huh?

I drag his butt back to the house and into his room, all the while he is throwing punches, kicks, whatever he can get in. Along with the kicking and hitting, I hear the usual "I hate you", "you are the meanest mom" and here is the best "I WANT A DIFFERENT MOM". Here is me at my very best (or worst I guess):

I decide to call him on it. "Fine" I said. "Help me pack your bags, and you can live somewhere else with some other mom". I ask him to pick his favorite shirts because he can't have them all while I pull out the suitcase. Canon watches with terror from the doorway, eyes beginning the well with tears. Blaze realizes I am serious and strongly disagrees to leave. I continue to tell him that I will not let him live with me if he doesn't love me anymore and if he wants a new mom. All the while I am still packing his clothes, asking him nicely which shorts, hats, underwear he likes best. I mean, shouldn't he have the best? He continues to plead with me not to make him leave, Canon is now crying uncontrollably because he realizes I am not joking, and I finally decide that we should leave this decision up to his dad.

I allowed Blaze to call his dad, in hopes to calm him down. He just kept repeating while breathless, "I can stay?, I can stay? but can I stay?"....... I started to internally laugh knowing that what I was doing wasn't very nice but my point was to stop this from happening again. Needless to say - we unpacked the suitcase and my son loves me again. We had a great evening and he is back to being so precious, I could never lose him.

Sorry so long, you should see me tell the story with all my animation......By the way - no one can have him!! I was kidding!