Monday, September 17, 2007


SO - if any of you know anything about Blaze - you should know that he is demanding. He wakes up Saturday morning intent on going bowling. He does so like this: "Mom - what's that one thing where you knock over those white things with a big ball?" I replied, "Bowling?" He says, quite excitedly "YES, let's do that, I want to do that. Now, Today. When can we go?" Realize that it is early Saturday morning, we are still in pajamas, haven't eaten and the first thing my child demands is to go bowling. He won't let go of the idea until I promise that will go and this only follows with him asking throughout the day - when are we going bowling. The best part of the asking is that he confuses bowling and golfing and keeps asking "when are we going Bolfing?" I can't help but laugh everytime. We ended up taking him bolfing that night - because we are weak, very weak. It was fun. Here are some pictures, although not very good but okay considering I used a cell phone.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Too Funny!

So - I told you already about me being Sacagawea. Well - a friend of mine at work took it to the next level and sent me this picture of "myself". Now it's not very clean, seeing that he shouldn't have been working on this anyway - but I had to post it.

I AM Sacagawea!!

Okay - I am sure you are all NOT going to believe this but trust me that this story is true. Darren and I invited my family to a picnic and fishing party at the fishing pond by our house. We had a great picnic and then headed over to fish - despite it being 99 degrees outside with no shade. It started out promising seeing that when we walked up to take our place at the pond - a 10 year boy started racing around the pond with a extra-large Catfish he had just netted. We obviously had high hopes for catching fish. Unfortunately - we didn't. We had spent about 2 hours before my brother, Josh, caught the first.

Nearly an hour later, most of the family had given up, retired back to the gazebo, taking nap and taking pictures. Suddenly - Jolinda asks me to catch this fish that had been swarming around. I put my pole down - because I wasn't getting a bite - walked over to her, slowly reached down into the pond and GRABBED A FISH, ONE-HANDED and THREW IT ON THE SHORE!!!! I CAUGHT A FISH! With my HAND!!!. I was screaming - "I caught a fish, I caught a fish". The family soon ran over to see all the excitement and only long enought for the poor thing to die before we could throw him back in.

And not less than 10 minutes later did I "hook" a fish - AND - using my sons Spiderman fishing pool. Pretty cool huh?

We actually had a really fun day despite the lack of fish catching. The scenery was beautiful. Here are some of the pictures of the day.