Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More From Arizona!

Remember last year and Blaze? The Mohawk? Ya - same concept - different son

Poor Canon! The first thing his Dad did once he got to Arizona was this....

Then this.....

And then he made him wear for one whole day. Even to swim team. All for $30! Poor Canon!

Here are some great photos of the boys at their meets taken by their Uncle Dan. Aren't they great? Boys are so handsome!

Monday, July 12, 2010

For Memory Sake!

Just wanted to write this down so I don't forget.....

So this last Saturday I blew up Pierson's swimming pool so he could mess around while it was hot. He has been excellent about potty training and knowing when to go to the bathroom. So....he jumps out of the pool and tells me excitedly that he needs to go to the bathroom. He didn't want to pee in the pool so I ran inside to grab his portable toilet so that he can go to the bathroom. He takes his suit off, goes pee, pulls the pee tray out of the toilet and then dumps it in the pool. I started to laugh - he didn't want to pee "in the pool" but he was okay with the pee in the pool. Too funny!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Who doesn't like puppies right? Just thought you wanted to see how cute my babies are getting. They are 5 weeks old and have started to eat puppy food now. They are running around, play fighting, growling and barking. I can't believe that in 3 weeks - I will be adopting all of my babies again. I hope they go to as good of homes as the last bunch. I haven't named these ones yet but I will soon so if you know any cute puppy names - let me know. I have two males - one is black and one is brindle - and three females - two are black with white feet/chest and one is brindle. Cute huh?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer In Arizona

So the boys have spent the majority of the summer in Arizona, in fact, they are still there. If you don't know - Darren takes them every year for about 6 weeks so that they can attend as many camps as possible. They are on swim team, in book club, kids club (arts & crafts), basketball camp, tennis camp, football camp and movie club. Fun huh? Darren spends the summer Pierson and I were lucky enough to go visit them for a couple of days. We spent a lot of time swimming and hanging out together. It was the best. Here are a couple of pics from our trip.