Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I love a good pledge!

D.A.R.E is awesome because we learn so much and have lots of fun learning. Every time we have D.A.R.E I always go home and tell my mom what we did, saw, and talked about. When our teacher would say we have D.A.R.E tomorrow I get so excited to see what we get to do. D.A.R.E is a great program for kids to learn not to do drugs or violent stuff.
I have learned how bad people look when they do drugs, what happens to them, and what they do. When we look at pictures of what happens to people around people who do drugs and when people get drunk. I have also learned how much trouble people get into when they do violent stuff like hurting someone or their home. We have talked about how many people get into lots of trouble and what for. These are some of the things people do that we heard. They do vandalism, robberies, make fires, get drunk, and lots more.
I think it is important to be drug and violence free because I don’t want to get into trouble or make my face and other stuff look bad. I don’t want to be arrested for violence or getting drunk. I also don’t want to tell people when I grow up that I did something bad when I was younger. When I get older I don’t want to look bad and have people look at you and think you are a bad or gross person when they walk past you.
I pledge to be drug free, make wise decisions, and to not let anyone control me. I also pledge to not get into any trouble anywhere I go. I pledge to stay far away from alcohol, tobacco, and all of the other drugs. I promise to do my best to tell people to not do drugs and violent stuff.
Canon DeGracie

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