Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vegas Baby!

We did it again. We had so much fun the first time we thought we would go back! We traded our Park City timeshare for a week in Las Vegas - mostly just because of the sun and palm trees but don't tell my husband. He thinks it was for the bare skin and gambling which we did see a lot of.

We spent a couple of days with Pierson's favorite people: Jaden, Uncle Dan, Becky, Ranie, Colin and McKay. The DeGracie family joined us for a day at Circus Circus filled with tons of fun on roller coasters and scary rides(see pics of Pierson) and another day soaking in some sun and then enjoying a late night show (KA) followed by yummy dessert. We have the best time with this family. We missed Jake but made sure we had dessert that night considering it was his 20th birthday.

We then spent a couple of days with the Maughan family enjoying a walk on the Strip, the M&M factory, the Coke building, the Arcade (came home with tons of junk toys not worth the money spent on the games), saw a guy have a heart attack while crossing the road and we are pretty sure he didn't make it, went to the Bellagio to view several water shows, rode the roller coaster at New York New York, and spent another day at the pool.

We played lots of games, watched lots of movies, ate lots of candy, chips and soda (which is a must on a vacation) and had LOTS of fun. The weather was incredible, the company was so fun and we had the best time. Below is the proof:

McKay loving the lights and sounds of Vegas but not the smells! He loved the water show! He did so good for the crazy schedule we had him on.

Just so you know - Darren had to pay these boys in order to get them to stand next to them. I hope it stays that way.

McKay having a good time laughing at his cousins. They drown him with attention and fight over holding him!

Me holding on tight to make sure Blaze doesn't fall into the Bellagio Lake.

Me and my baby!

We didn't know Darren and Colin were here as a couple until pictures proved otherwise. Too funny!

I should be the professional photographer for the Bellagio - don't you think? I'd take that job!

Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe! Pierson wasn't fond of the moving Elephant.

Hanging out at the pool!

Pierson chillin' without bottoms with his favorite uncle.

Pure joy! Nothing beats babies in a bubble bath!

Had enough of Circus Circus! It was the single most terrifying day of his life. We made him ride every ride once, had to cut the roller coaster ride short due to excessive crying, and didn't stop telling us that his tummy didn't like it.

Look at the terrified look on his face. Isn't that so sad? What is worse is Blaze's face - he is enjoying Pierson's pain.

Not cooperating for the camera - of course.

Crazy Uncle Dan - Pierson's favorite!

Beautiful Aunt Becky!

We found a Pierson-friendly ride finally.

Just one more horrible ride he had to endure.


Ali said...

What a perfect family vacation!! Poor Pierson, those sad faces were a little heart breaking! The happy bubble bath was a great one. Loved the one of you and Darren. You are simply gorgeous.

Colin and Ranie said...

Did you notice McKay's face on Colin and Darren's couple picture? It is like he knows something is wrong. Ha ha. Thanks so much again. We needed that and loved every minute of it!

Heidi said...

SO SO fun! I can't believe the boys stood with the dancers on the street... and were actually smiling! Ha! I love all of Pierson's sad faces. Too funny!